I approach framing as seriously as I do photography, I once paid to have work framed nearly 20 years ago and decided going forward I'd do it myself. I favor a rustic appearance but also make frames from pre-cut moulding profiles where I apply various marble and cracked paint treatments. When I want to enlarge beyond sizes that make glass and matting impractical, I'll make a floater frame and sometimes apply clear latex directly to the photo for an extensive painting effect. See a few examples below which can be seen and purchased through Bare Walls.

"Webs & Wire", 29.75" x 43.75" x 2", Floater Frame Made From Reclaimed Cypress

"Forest Angel", 42.75" x 30" x 1.25", Repurposed Antique Mirror Frame

"Flooding The Pond", 29.25" x 42.75" x 3", Frame Made From Reclaimed Cypress



"Evangeline", 26" x 20" x 2", Reclaimed Cypress

"Pieta On Prudhomme Street", 21" x 29" x 2", Repurposed Cypress Window Frame

"The Tree Root", "26" x 20" x 2", Reclaimed Cypress


"Teche In The Mist", 19" x 25"x 2", Marble Effect On Pre-Fabricated Moulding

"Pirate's Alley On Christmas Eve", 25" x 19" x 2", Cracked Paint Effect On Pre-Fabricated Moulding

"Crawfish Pond Sunset", 19" x 25" x 2", Painted Pre-Fabricated Moulding


"Entrance To Oak & Pine Alley", 23.5" x 36" x 1.75", Repurposed Cypress Window Frame


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